Product Policy

1. Product Categories

BodyGeek is an online portal and marketplace for health and beauty products that are good for the body! Categories of products sold are listed on the main site in the display box labeled “categories”.

2. Adding New Categories

BodyGeek is open to the idea of new categories if they fit the overall theme and purpose of To submit an idea or request for a new product category or sub-category please email Thank you!

3. Prohibited or Restricted Products

Adult” themed products.

BodyGeek prohibits adult themed products on This includes “novelty” products (see below).

Novelty Products

In general, novelty products that are based on “joke” or “adult” themes are prohibited as BodyGeek is about health and beauty. Other types of novelty items such as those for special events or healthful products formed in a decorative nature are certainly welcome at Approval and disapproval of novelty type items is solely at BodyGeek’s discretion.

Internal Use Items

Presently all items allowed on are for external use only.

4. Discount Coupons and Codes

Sellers on BodyGeek may make use of discount coupons for their products. These discounts are maintained by the seller and may be “per product” or store-wide. These settings are available on the seller’s main dashboard.